Sunday, 24 February 2008

Training going very much to plan!

Well it's been almost 2 months after the Christmas break and I can safely say that my training in 2008 is going to plan.  It's all about time on my feet at the moment in an attempt to get as many miles in as family/work life allows.

I was quite pleased with a 7 minute 50 second mile last week.  This happened on the last mile of my favourite Town Moor run.  

As per usual the staff at Northern Rock have been full of encouragement and support.  There is hardly a mile where I'm found running on my own.  Even when I'm lagging behind the lads tend to slow down for me or double back.  This can't be doing their training any good!  Thanks then go to Carl Hudson, John Brettell, Jonathan Jobe, Pete Maddison and Carlton Fletcher.  I'll get quicker lads I promise!  

Also worth a mention is the one and only Jimmy Bell (pictured at last year's Great North Run as a spectator).  This lad has put up one hell of a fight against cancer and made his competitive comeback last week in a cross country race.  Jimmy continues to be an inspiration to everybody, myself included.  He is so modest and neglected to mention this week that his comeback made it into the Evening Chronicle.  Welcome back Jim!