Saturday, 12 January 2008

Back in training!

Happy New Year everybody!  After 4 weeks off, this week saw me starting my 2008 programme of training.  If it goes anything like last year I'll be very happy.  January and February will be used to get up to speed again.  Thereafter, as well as regular lunchtime runs, I'll be throwing myself at the mercy of the Pennines and when it is light enough, I'll run home a few times a week from work.  It's very much a case of doing more of the same but doing it quicker and try to make things a bit tougher for myself.  

Off the track, I'm continuing to plan for USA 2011.  The logistics are mind boggling!  Hopefully, things will start to fall into place in the next 2 years. 

Back to this year though!  I've managed to recruit 20 Roman Soldiers for a run/cycle/horse ride across the Hadrian's Wall Path.  Watch this space for further updates!  Hopefully, Jack (pictured) will be able to join us at some point on the route.  He got his first bike for Christmas and has spent some time over the last few weekends cycling on the Derwent Walk Path.  It's a good start!