Saturday, 22 September 2007

Day 78 - In the Mag!

Do yourself a big favour and make sure that you get issue 219 of Newcastle United fanzine "The Mag". It's available in most newsagents priced £2.50.

There is a 2 page interview of yours truly in there and, as with the rest of the issue, makes for superb reading.

On a similar theme, I got spotted at the Derby match (pictured) last Monday. While I was waiting in the queue to get the beers, one Toon supporter came up to me and said "Are you Mark? My wife and I were following you on your blog all the way. Absolutely tremendous!". He shook me by the hand and went on his way. He was one of a few well wishers on the day. As per usual the crack was good and Toon stalwarts Les Usher and Don were in good form. Pity the match didn't live up to the expectations.

Well I did it! I attended my first spinning class at the gym this week. The 45 minute class was as intense a workout as I've ever had. I made it to the end but not without an injury! My backside is absolutely killing! I'm hoping to do another class next week if I've recovered in time.