Friday, 1 November 2002

Allenheads to Consett

I knew I had to make up for the shorter miles during the last 2 days and really went for a big run today.

At last a bit of dignity though, as I was able to use public toilets in Allenheads and not a field or a derelict house. Bliss!

I took an off road alternative following a footpath which should have been signed as a "Public Footswamp". Not only that but I got a bit lost and ended up having to climb over a barb wire fence. I nearly did myself an injustice but managed to continue on the official route.

By the time I ran through Rookhope the weather was turning nasty. Freezing fog and rain made for a very depressing run indeed.

It was an easy first 6 miles downhill into Rookhope. Then a climb up and over the moors at Stanhope Common into Stanhope made things a little more difficult.

Now for the most depressing part of the whole run; Waskerley. Now do I not like Waskerley. Waskerley Park, Way, Reservoir or anything else Waskerley.

At the 100 mile point in Waskerley I could only see about 10 meters in front or behind. Now what should spring to mind. A scene from an "American Werewolf in London". I had strayed from the main road onto Waskerley Way and kept looking around as far as I could in the fog for anything lurking in the bushes. Not the high point of my life I must admit.

The next 10 miles into Consett seemed to take ages. I was cold and tired but at least I had got out of a trip to Safeway as I had told Katy to go ahead and do the shopping and I would meet her at the 110 mile point.