Monday, 23 September 2013

On the pitch

I was fortunate enough to get onto the pitch during the half time break at last Saturday's Newcastle match with Hull. It was good to talk to Justin Lockwood and tell the crowd about the up and coming run across Australia. I managed to get all of the important details across about the run as well as the 2 charities. Hopefully that was the start of reminding those people in the stadium that Run Geordie Run is about to embark on yet another huge run.

News of my half time appearance was reported on today. Biffa and Niall, who are the hosts of the site, have backed and publicised my runs for over 12 years. Their support has seen tens of thousands of pounds pledged by Newcastle United supporters, from all over the globe, who read their site. It was no coincidence that by the end of today the charity fund for The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation and The Children's Foundation had passed through the £12,000 barrier. Thank you to those kind people who have sponsored me so far. The charity fund currently sits at £12,020. 

If you would like to sponsor my efforts "down under" then, as ever, all donations no matter how large or small will be very gratefully received. Please use the link below to donate using Virgin Money Giving. Thanks in advance.

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