Friday, 20 September 2013

Please Sir.....

Imagine the scene. It's Mr McIntyre's Year 6 class at Woodlea Primary in Fencehouses and the children are all set to learn about their new topic; Australia. This was about the time when young Josh raised his hand and told the teacher that his Dad's friend was soon going to be running across Australia. At first Mr McIntyre looked at Josh in disbelief. Then Josh pointed his teacher in the direction of to prove that he wasn't telling a tall story. Let's face it, I'm sure we all used to tell them at school. I know I did!

When Josh's Dad, Ian, told me what had happened I offered to do an assembly or classroom visit when I return from Australia. Josh's Dad, Ian, contacted the headmaster who knew all about Run Geordie Run. I'm told that the headmaster was very excited at the prospect of a "show and tell" visit from yours truly in January.

I'm sure that there will be plenty of stories to pass on to the children at Woodlea Primary after I have finished the run across Australia. I will make sure to tell them all about the spiders, snakes and perhaps throw in a few tall stories of my own!