Saturday, 18 February 2012

Australia 2013 - It will all start here!

The start of the run across Australia will be very much like the start of the run across the USA. The setting is a very beautiful beach with an iconic building close by. Regular readers will remember that I started the 3100 mile run across the USA in 2011 at Ruby's Cafe on Huntington Beach. The start of the run across Australia will be at the Pavilion on Cottesloe Beach in Perth, Western Australia (pictured below) on Wednesday 16th October 2013.

I've already had numerous emails and Tweets from ex-pats and residents alike down under. The early indications are that the local support will be on a much larger scale than that which I experienced in the USA. This is very encouraging and will be much needed as the next big run is going to be far more difficult than the last one across the USA.

Now that I have a start point I'll be in a position to publish the entire route very soon. Watch this space!