Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Thank you British Airways

My airline of choice to and from the USA is British Airways.  I've got to give them a lot of thanks for two amazing things today. Firstly, for access to the Business Class Lounge in Terminal 5 where I've just had my second helping of Chicken Jalfrezi! 

Do you ever watch those airline based reality TV shows where they don't let the passengers on board because they've had too much to drink? Well there is a similar danger here at Terminal 5 where, if I don't stop eating, then I'll be denied access for being too heavy!

The second thing that I'd like to thank British Airways for is an upgrade to Business Class on the flight to LA. What a nice surprise that was. I'm not sure how it came about or why they thought that some guy in a Run Geordie Run t-shirt deserved an upgrade but it is most welcome.

Thank you British Airways!