Sunday, 24 April 2011

Introducing the Support Team - Steve (aka The Cameraman)

Continuing the series of introducing the Run Geordie Run Support Team, it's now time for Steve Harrison.   

Steve, a Geordie through and through, is one of my colleagues from the Northern Rock IT department and will be driving the "Team Bus" for 2 weeks in July. Steve is a very good motivator and a kind, supporting type of chap. An ideal candidate for the support team. He also makes a cracking bowl of porridge I'm told by his missus.

Steve's nickname is "The Cameraman". This is because he has an uncanny nack of getting that perfect picture. And by perfect picture I mean, a cheeky snap of people in unflattering poses. There is a classic one of me tucking into a bacon sandwich. It's simply not fit for publication on this blog. My sponsors would run a mile if they saw it! 

I'll leave you with a few words from Steve.

"I’ve known Mark for a few years but got to know him more since he joined the Men of Steel bike tour in 2009.  He was part of the Coast to Coast bike ride in 2010 where he managed to break his ankle with the finish line in sight, although typical of Mark’s positive thinking he managed to turn this round and gain valuable publicity. Through being away doing these rides I met a fiercely determined man the likes of which I’ve never known before, it also gave me the chance to get to know Mark better.

If it was anyone else but Mark attempting the run I very much doubt whether I’d be so keen to go, but knowing Mark as I do and his reasons for doing the run I firmly believe that he’ll complete the challenge and have a great experience.

I feel extremely honoured to be part of the team supporting Mark in his amazing effort to run across America in 100 days and raise £50,000 for The Children’s Foundation and St Benedict’s Hospice. I’m looking forward to it even more as Mark will celebrate his 40th birthday while I’m there.

Overall though I’m looking forward to flying out to America, doing some shopping, taking in the sights and having 2 weeks in the sun.  I’m also available to do some driving if required!"

And the first version of that text that I received from Steve was this:

"I’ve known Mark since he managed to get invited on the Men of Steel bike tour in 2009. He was part of the Coast to Coast bike ride in 2010 where he managed to break his ankle with the finish line in sight, thereby ruining the whole event. After we’d managed to calm him down and stop the whimpering we got him off to hospital and the ‘real’ Men of Steel completed the ride.

We all felt the ride was a big let down, which was made worse by Mark seeking as much publicity as possible all for breaking a leg. He even managed to get himself on the front page of the Journal, laughing in his hospital bed while the rest of us were back at work, without a mention…but that’s Mark.

I feel extremely apprehensive about being part of the team supporting Mark in his crazy effort to run across America in 100 days, I only hope I’m not alone with him as I’ve witnessed previously how he enjoys his vaseline applications. Luckily, I’ve only ever been an observer.
It was one moment of weakness, the next thing I know I’ve joined up to go…a warning to everyone of the affects of alcohol. It’s also his 40th birthday while I’m there, but doubt there’ll but any celebrating as he’ll be complaining about being tired.

I can’t wait to go!"