Saturday, 9 April 2011

Introducing the Support Team - Kirsty (aka Wee Kirsty)

Next up in the continuing series of introducing the Run Geordie Run Support Team is Sports Therapist Kirsty Reid.

Kirsy, from Erskine near Glasgow in Scotland has a degree in Sports Therapy. Coincidentally, my John O'Groats to Lands End Support Team back in 2007 also had someone from Erskine in it. The one and only Owen McMahon (aka Rab C Nesbitt). Unlike Rab, though, Kirsty follows the blue half of Glasgow.

Kirsty is the youngest member of the team at 22 and will join the tour on day 15 just 2 days after Las Vegas. I should be in quite a state by that point having run almost 450 miles during the previous 2 weeks. It'll be Kirstie's job to ensure that I'm all repaired and ready to face each day.

Kirsty is with the team for 4 weeks and will see me right through the Rocky Mountains. By the time she leaves, I should be in pretty good shape physically and hopefully won't need as much fixing and repairing afterwards.

It's great to have Kirsty as part of the team for such a great length of time. As I'm giving all of the team nicknames, she'll be known as 'Wee Kirsty' from now on.

I'll leave the final words to Wee Kirsty:

"Hi I'm Kirsty and I will be joining Mark two weeks in to his amazing challenge. My role in the support team is Sports Therapist and to make sure Mark can complete the run in one piece! I am really looking forward to the challenge and very proud to support Mark in one hell of a run! Not only will I get some valuable experience but I will be travelling between Las Vegas and Idaho Springs and get to see some great sights! Lets go team :)".