Friday, 17 December 2010

Ho ho hot bath!

What a fantastic day of running! Despite the sub zero temperatures, running through North Northumberland and into Scotland via Carter Bar was a true Winter Wonderland experience.

For the second day in a row the mileage was cut short in the interests of safety. I had managed 18.8 bitterly cold miles before Run Geordie Run supporter Tom Moffitt stopped and offered to give me a lift to Jedburgh. With both the light and temperature fading I gladly accepted the offer. Thanks Tom.

I'm now at the hotel where a hot meal is about 30 minutes away and I've just had a hot bath. Despite the bath tub being Hobbit size (sorry Ian and Mike), it was definitely in my top 5 baths ever! There was even Superdrug shower gel (other brands are available!).

This run has certainly had it's fair share of challenges. Running with no support, a lack of roadside eating places, snow, black ice, lows of minus 5 (so far), carrying all my stuff in a heavy backpack, water freezing up. I could go on. I'm very glad I've given it a shot though. I'm also very glad that I'll have a support team next year in the USA!!

I can't go without mentioning the tremendous support from all the drivers who waved, stuck thumbs up, stopped to ask "what the hell" I was doing and gave Santa a wide berth on the roads these last 2 days.

Ironically, my hotel room has a painting of the start point of this run (pictured). I'll decide where the end point will be later on once I've had a good look at the forecast.

For now, I'm quietly smiling inside at having managed to run 46.8 miles in these conditions unsupported.
Right! Time for that hot meal!