Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Real..ly good support

I was live on the Real Radio Breakfast show with Gary Phillipson and and Lisa Shaw this morning. I was given a very pleasing amount of airtime between 07:30 and 08:00 and managed to talk a lot about the run across the USA and the 2 charities. And as an added bonus I got to mention some of my commercial sponsors including Brooks and Peter's Pies.

To top things off, I "threw down the gauntlet" to Gary live on air asking if he'd like to join me for 20 or so miles on the final day in New York. I'm pleased to say that he duly accepted the challenge and it'll be great to have Boro supporting Gaz guide me to the finish line in Coney Island. It wasn't too long before one listener had nicknamed him 'Gary Gump'. 

I'll be giving Gary and Lisa an update of my progress every Monday morning while I'm in the USA. That's something I'm looking very much forward to doing every week. OK, so there is the small matter of the time difference but it's worth it.

I left the Real Radio Studio absolutely buzzing this morning. I love doing live interviews on the radio. I would have stuttered my way through this a couple of years ago but I now seem to be very much media ready and well equipped to take on any questions thrown my way.

I was thrilled to hear Bruce Springsteen's "Born To Run" being played when I was driving away. This is one song that I'll be keeping in my locker for those tough times in the USA.

Thanks go to Gary, Lisa, producer Mac and Stephanie Finnon for looking after me so well this morning.