Friday, 17 August 2007

Day 42 - £25,000 barrier smashed!

Thanks ever so much to today's new sponsors. The current total stands at:


Thanks to a £200 pledge from Anthony Chapman, the fund is now over an incredible and most amazing £25,000. Over £16,200 has now been pledged from NUFC.COM readers. If you would like to add to this total please click on the justgiving link:

I've enjoyed reading the comments on the justgiving website over the last 6 weeks. The following are a selection of my favourites:

Ben Biggs - "Unbelievable. You've run further in 37 days than Kieron Dyer did in 8 years. Fantastic - well done." [Harsh but fair - MA]

Ian Mearns - "Just like the lads Top of the League. Well done mate!".

Jon L - "Forget those overpaid primadonnas, there'll only be one star at St James' on Saturday.".

Gordon - "Fantastic effort Mark, a real hero in black and white stripes for a change.".

Brian J - "I have really enjoyed logging onto your Blog site. A tremendous effort, a true inspiration."

Adrian S - "What a champion - I'll be cheering you even more than the 'lads' next Saturday.".

T Bramble - "Go on son (can I come back?) "

M Purdy - "You've already done more miles in a Toon shirt than certain players ever will!!! Well done mate...".

Steve R - "Well done mate I just hope the Toon show half as much spirit as this in the new season.".

Paul R - "Sorry I'm away today when you run past my house. I wanted to see the legend myself!".

Kev (Crook Mags) - "In the land of the Prince Bishops,we pray for giveness in your shins. Just do it, for all of us.".

Brigga Broggs - "Absolutely amazing! Makes me even more proud to be a Geordie.".

Horsey - "Good luck kidda, well done on stuffing the Mackem!!! "

Dave Nelson - "Howay, Mark! Pledging an extra £10 for the first of 3 Toon wins over the Mackems this year!"

Tom Bowlby - "Finest performance in a black & white shirt for a long time!".

LJB - "Ultimate respect mark, all the best! NUFC players to join you as part of pre-season?"

The Officers Club - "Good luck fat lad - if you drop some weight we can give you a new pair of jeans!". [Not so fat now! None of my jeans fit me anymore. Is the offer of a pair still valid? - MA]