Tuesday, 12 August 2008

1 year ago today!

It is 12 months ago today since I reached Lands End with Katy and Jack in support (pictured).   Little did we realise at the time that that photo was taken, but the final total for the run from John O'Groats to Lands End would be £34,108.  I never dreamed that a sum of that magnitude could be raised, moreso given that the initial target was £5,000 for St Benedict's Hospice!  Good times, as they say!

The last 12 months have flown over and while it is nice to look back on last year's successful 874 mile run, my sights remain firmly fixed on running 3100 miles across the United States in 1000 days time.  That's right!  I've got just 1000 days to prepare for the next big run. 

I've got to say that even though the next big run is a long way off, I feel very well mentally prepared for it.  I've got to keep this positive attitude over the next few years and add the physical side to go with it.  It's going to be tough but if I surround myself with the right people and listen to what they have to say and they help me keep my feet on the ground I have every chance of success.  I already have a few good running mentors.  They know who they are.  These guys have a quality record in the world of running and I'm sure that they will be as much an inspiration to me over the coming years as they were in the build up to last year's big run.   

That said, I'm looking for one individual to be my mentor and coach for the next big run in 2011.   I'm looking for someone who knows what it takes to achieve impossible goals.  Someone who can drive another person, against all the odds, to achieve those goals.  That person has to have the ability to tell me that I can do something when I say I most certainly can't.  

I do have someone in mind for the job!  I'll be buying him a few beers on Thursday and if time allows (and he's drunk enough) I'll be trying to persuade him to take on one of the most badly paid jobs going.