Sunday, 22 December 2013

Day 62

(Monday 16th December)

Having completed 42 miles on Day 61, Mark was feeling physically and mentally tired but remained in good spirits.  Mark made it to, and through Hay, only stopping for a quick 'second breakfast'.

"Back out into the hot sunshine. The temperature will hit 33 Celsius by 5pm. Forecast for 28 at #sunset. Coolest day this week."

"Random couple waving randomly at me. I give an enthusiastic wave back. They wave even a guy in the car behind me. Doh! #hay"

Onward to #sydney. Goodbye #hay.

"Just had a great chat with a #roadtrain driver who pulled over to see if I was ok. He left #Perth 5 days ago on his way to #Sydney."

"28 miles done and it's getting hotter. Temperature at 35 Celsius now. 3 hours until it starts to cool. I'm melting. As is the road."

There were even sights of potential bush fires on the horizon.  Although, thanks to the power of Twitter and Facebook, it became apparent that these were more than likely what they call 'controlled burn offs' where the farmers dispose of any rubbish etc which were authorised at certain times of the day.
Mark made time to speak to Gary and Lisa from the Real Radio breakfast show, they would now be checking in with Mark on a daily basis.

The day continued and Mark made good progress.  The temperature had dropped to 32 Celsius at 8pm but wasn't showing much sign of dipping any lower.

The sun began to set and Mark continued to run.  Tonight was the first night that Mark had ran into the dark since being in the Nullabor. There were tonnes of insects which unfortunately were eager to stay in the RV too.

#roadtrain at night #hayplains #newsouthwales #rgrdownunder

21:30 - "38.28 miles done. The latest finish of the entire tour. It was very hot today. It's going to get hotter!!"

"The RV is now infested with bugs of various sizes, types, ease of killing method and biting potential. You could not make this up."

"So the mozzie netting on the windows isn't fully proofed for all types of beasts. Windows shut and it's 28 Celsius in the RV."

"Looks like the bugs are getting in through the air con. Time to get under the blanket with the flynet on. There is no escape. Lights out! :("