Sunday, 27 September 2009

62 miles done in week 47

Last Sunday's epic 37 mile run probably told me as much about where my training is at than any other run I've done during this campaign. One week on and I still find it hard to believe just how fresh I felt at the end never mind how far I'd ran and how long I'd been on my feet (unsupported and with a backpack). I appreciate that it wasn't the fastest pace I'd ever ran but it was one hell of a distance.

The following day I managed a 6 mile run around the Town moor. Up until that point I hardly had an ache or pain to speak of. However, 1 mile into that run, as expected, the agony started. I had to really battle hard to keep the run at sub 10 minute mile pace. The faster I went the greater the burn in my quads. I had a rest on Tuesday and managed the same 6 mile run on Thursday albeit 7 minutes quicker. This time the pain was in my calf muscles. On Thursday, I managed a half marathon distance and I'm pleased to report that the pain had gone but there was still evidence of Sunday's run in my rather heavy legs.

I called it a day at 62 miles this week, choosing family time over running this weekend. I'm still very pleased with what has been achieved though with an average distance of 15.5 miles per session. This is way and above what I should be doing at this point in the schedule. I'll be bringing that average down this week with some shorter, hopefully faster, runs.

I'm going to try that 37 mile run again in November. The aim, of course, will be to do it quicker than last week. If that and the following recovery runs go well then I should be ready to try my first attempt at back to back 32 mile runs in January.

All in all this has been a pleasing week and it's done wonders for my ever growing confidence. There is still so much running to do though. This is just the tip of a very very very long iceberg!