Monday, 7 July 2008

One year ago today!

It's hard to believe that exactly a year has passed since Katy, Jack and I were at the start line in a very rainy and windy John O'Groats.

On July 7th 2007, the fund had just tipped over £9,000 thanks to the publicity from the lads at  I could never have dreamed that an additional £25,000 would be added to that total.  However, it was easy enough to dream of reaching Lands End.   Not for one moment did I think I wouldn't get to the finish line some 36 days later.

The highs and lows of those 36 days have been well documented.  I've got a feeling I'll be reliving most of them in my mind's eye between now and August 12th.

In the meantime, I've got a 17 mile bike ride in to work tomorrow at 6 am.  I'll be following this up with a quick 5 mile run up to Newcastle Race Course with Michael Dunn at lunch time.  Finally, I'll be making the 17 mile journey back home on my bike after work.  I'll be doing my best not to stop at the Chippy in Rowlands Gill.  That show of will power will be the hardest part of the day!  And don't forget!  The 2 bike rides mean that I'll be adding a tenner to the 2011 Tour Fund.  Every little helps!