Thursday, 23 October 2008

Tough Tuesday - a success!

Well I did it!  I managed to get that elusive 5 mile run in before the school run on the 3rd Tough Tuesday.  Somehow, I was up and away at 06:10 for a run in the dark.  I must admit that it's quite spooky in the dark country lanes at that time of the morning!  Perhaps I shouldn't have watched Dog Soldiers last week!

I followed that run up with my second quickest 5 mile run of the year (00:45:05) at lunchtime.  Carl, Carlton and Julie set a decent pace and I was able to keep up with them for most of the way.  Although Julie nearly came a cropper when she didn't see an oncoming lamppost and just missed it with millimeters to spare!  I would probably have beaten 45 minutes if it wasn't for the time wasted laughing at the incident!

To complete Tough Tuesday, I managed a Spinning Class and Body Pump after work.  I felt I had another session in me afterwards too but that feeling lasted all of 5 minutes!

The most pleasing and important thing about Tuesday was the fact that I got my lazy backside out of bed and managed to get 5 miles in.  This has certainly given me the confidence to do it again in the future.