Saturday, 13 September 2008

Putting together the jigsaw!

I'm pleased to report that it's been another good week of training.  I've ached really badly for most of the week as I've pushed myself quite hard in the gym (as well as spinning classes and a good variety of 4, 5 and 6 mile runs).  

On the flip side, I think the aches wouldn't have been quite as bad if I had my diet sorted out.  I feel like it's slightly better but there's massive room for improvement.  In fact when I sent the details of what I'd been eating to David and Mark the messages back were "We really need to sort this out.", "This is nowhere near what we are looking for", "This is not going to drop your weight quickly or give you the nutrition for a quick recovery from your workouts" and "if we sort this out now you will gain the most benefit from your training".

Hopefully, I'll have a more structured and better quality eating plan very soon.  Nutrition, though, is just one of the pieces in this very large jigsaw.  Albeit, a very major piece.  Of equal importance is the training that I'm doing and the ability to find the time to fit it around family and work commitments (and watching the Toon of course!).  

Two weeks ago, finding the necessary time to train was all a big mystery.  Two weeks later, though, and things are starting to become a little clearer.  The time slots available for training are becoming more obvious and I want these to settle and become part of the routine.  And when I say routine I'm not just talking about my routine.  Katy and Jack's routine will also be affected!