Public Speaking

Running around the world raising funds for various charities in the North East of England provides the backdrop for an inspirational talk delivered by Mark Allison (aka Run Geordie Run).

His reasons for doing this ambitious run and the many encounters he's had while running have captivated audiences in venues ranging from theatres, schools, universities, business premises to the majestic Sage Gateshead. 

While taking his audience virtually around the world, Mark gives a unique insight into what kind of preparation, dedication and mindset it takes to achieve success in running huge trans-continental ultra distances. 

How would you prepare to run 3100 miles across the USA, 2400 miles across Australia or 2600 miles through Europe? What would you do if you were held at gun point on Route 66? How would you cope with the seemingly never ending roads in the Australian Outback?

From being subjected to extreme physical and mental exhaustion to the glorious completion of six stages around the world so far, there are so many inspirational anecdotes to amaze and inspire. 

Through the physical and emotional rollercoaster of the around the world journey, Mark's delivery is always an honest and humble one. He never describes himself as a natural athlete and this always helps him to make an inspirational connection with many of his audiences.

It's a journey that has so far inspired school children, running club athletes, university students and corporate audiences alike. Mark has talked locally, nationally and internationally. 

The themes of planning, preparation, achieving goals, resilience, working as a team and managing a project are present throughout Mark's talks. To help deliver a specific message to his audience, Mark is often asked to concentrate on a particular area, particularly in the corporate space, in talks that range from 20 to 90 minutes. Quite often, there is a very interesting and engaging Q&A at the end of each talk.  

If you'd like to enquire about booking Mark please email in the first instance.