Thursday, 26 April 2012

Commercial sponsor number 2 for Australia 2013

Last week I made the announcement that the first commercial sponsor for the run across Australia was Benfield. Soon after they were on board, another company pledged their support. It gives me great pleasure to now reveal that the second commercial sponsor for the run across Australia is Identicom.

Rather appropriately, Identicom have a presence in the UK and Australia. They provide lone or remote workers with tracking devices. These are devices that transmit GPS and other environmental data back to, say, an employer who can ensure that their staff's whereabouts are known. Can you a see where this is going? Identicom's support is not only financial but, amazingly, they will also be providing me with their award winning tracking equipment.

The ability to have my position tracked in Australia will not only give my family peace of mind but will also help to really engage the readers of this blog. I'm always very keen on taking people on the journey with me and this will really help to do just that while I'm in Australia. It's going to add an extra dimension to the run. I anticipate people becoming addicted to tracking the little dot on a map on this blog as it makes it's way across the Outback.

There will be many more blog posts to follow about my partnership with Identicom. I will be trialling the product during various long training runs. For further information about their products please click here.

If you would like to join Identicom in supporting the run across Australia then please get in touch at and I'll send you an information pack.