Monday, 23 April 2012

Commercial sponsor number 1 for Australia 2013

It's 18 months until the start of the run across Australia. Unlike all of my previous events, I won't be paying the costs of this particular event. Instead, I am looking to the business world for support. The search for such support has been relentless since the turn of the year. I'm pleased to report that very good progress has been made and I'm now in a position to unveil the first official supporter of Run Geordie Run for the run across Australia in 2013. 

Finding a business with the same principals that I have is important and the first sponsor is a very nice fit indeed. Despite the large size of the company, it's a family owned business and it even has it's own charitable trust. Their slogan, "Enjoy the journey" could not be more in keeping with the spirit of Run Geordie Run. 

It gives me great pleasure to reveal the first supporter of the run across Australia; Benfield Motor Group.   

Our partnership was revealed last week with a good throng of press present on the Quayside in Newcastle. It was a busy press day altogether, with a live appearance on BBC Newcastle's breakfast show with Alfie and Charlie followed by the interviews on the quayside resulting in articles in The Journal, Chronicle, Northern Echo, the news bulletins on Real Radio and in various other publications and websites. 

Benfield's support on it's own, while very generous, is not not enough to make the run across Australia a certainty to happen. For that reason, the search for other such support continues. Watch this space for further news in the coming weeks. In the meantime, thank you to Benfield for being the first business to support Run Geordie Run and the run across Australia.

If you would like to join Benfield in supporting the run across Australia then please get in touch at and I'll send you an information pack.