Thursday, 28 April 2011

Raring to go!

There was no sign of jet lag when I woke up this morning, thankfully. After a quick call home (there is an 8 hour time difference) PR Lady Shelli, Publisher Stu and myself went to Dennys for breakfast. And what a breakfast it was! 

Today's plan was mostly about getting supplies for the run ahead; energy bars, gels, Body Glide and a pre paid broadband dongle for use over the coming months. Oh and some porridge too, which will save me from eating one of those huge breakfasts again. The hotel room where I'm staying has a small kitchen in it so I'll be able to make my own breakfast for the next few days. And, of course, the RV has kitchen facilities so temptation shouldn't come my way again.

After the shopping trip, there was time for a little sightseeing. We headed up to Venice Beach in gloriously sunny conditions. People were surfing, fishing, canoodling and generally having a really good time. It was a really nice place to visit. However, if I'm being honest, I'm far too eager to get the run across the USA underway to really get the maximum enjoyment out of my time in LA. After planning this run for 3 years, May 1st can't come quick enough.

It seems that great minds think alike, as my Son Jack wrote on his blog "Hope you are having a good time. Don't forget your not on holiday you are on a mission :-) Proud of you Dad .". That sums it up perfectly in my opinion.

Incidentally, Jack's blog can be viewed at It was set up as an easy way for us to keep me updated and more importantly to help keep morale up. One other thing that has helped keep morale up is the amount of donations over the last few days. The charity fund currently stands at £29,711.54. It would be amazing to start the run across the USA with over £30,000 of donations. 

Thanks to those kind folk who made a donation and left a message on the justgiving sites today. Thanks also to everyone for their messages of support on Twitter, email and Facebook. Please don't forget that any donations, no matter how large or small, would be gratefully received using the following links.

(St Benedict's Hospice)

(The Children's Foundation)