Saturday, 16 April 2011

Hollywood to New York on Good Friday

There was some great banter on yesterday's Real Radio Breakfast Show with Gary Phillipson and Lisa Shaw. 

As well as promoting the run across the USA and the 2 charities, I was able to answer a few questions from the listeners. "How much do you like nappy rash?" and "What are the scariest parts you'll be running through?". I've been asked a lot of questions but never those 2. I'm glad to say that I continued my reputation for always having an answer for everything!

I was hoping to issue Gary with a running challenge live on air but he beat me to it and issued his own! And what a challenge! Next Friday we will be running, live on air, from Hollywood to New York. Hollywood Avenue in Gosforth to the New York Diner (pictured) outside of Real Radio on Team Valley that is. Don't forget to tune in for that one. It's 100 - 102 fm in the north east or you can listen online at

Gary and Lisa had kept a surprise back until the end of my time in the studio. They announced that I would be a guest on the pitch during the half time interval of next Tuesday's match between Newcastle United and Manchester United. Fantastic! I was speechless for a second and then remembered that this was live radio. What I said thereafter is a bit of a blur but it would of been "Thanks" and "Wow"!

So there we go; a training run live on Real Radio on Good Friday between 9am and 10am but before that an appearance on the hallowed turf of St James' Park. What a send off that is going to be, the week before I leave for the USA!

Thanks to Gary, Lisa and producer Mac for more quality airtime.