Saturday, 9 April 2011

Final Brooks kit request before the USA

In 2007, I ran from John O'Groats to Lands End in Brooks running shoes and have been using them ever since. I'm fortunate enough to have Brooks sponsor me this time around and I've been given a lot of shoes and kit in the build up to the run across the USA. That picture is of me receiving my first set of shoes from the Brooks rep at Northern Runner in Newcastle.

Quite simply, if I wasn't sponsored by Brooks, I would still be buying their kit to run in. My Brooks Glycerin 8 and Equilibrium base layers are essential pieces of kit that I've come to rely on. Thankfully, Brooks have been very good to me and I've managed to cut some of my costs down for running across the USA.

I've used Brooks Equilibrium base layers for training in the heat of Egypt and more recently at 37 degrees Celsius in the environmental chamber at Northumbria University. I've also used them throughout the Winter months where, at times, I ran in temperatures of -9 degrees Celsius. It goes without saying that it's a very versatile garment and the comfort that it gives in all conditions is absolutely first class. The same can be said of the Brooks Glycerin 8 shoes. I've written many times before about how comfortable they are. They seem to be a perfect shoe for me as I've had very few injuries in the last 4 years and experienced only 1 tiny blister on my recent 106 mile run from Edinburgh to Newcastle.

I put my final request for kit into Brooks this week and I expect delivery next week just in time to have my first trial packing of my suitcase (or even suitcases as it may turn out).

Thanks once again to Brooks whose support has been invaluable during this campaign. If you're looking for a new pair of running shoes then I would advise trying a pair of Brooks. Northern Runner in Newcastle has a wide choice of Brooks shoes for all running styles. They also have a corridor at the back of the shop so you can try them out while running. Northern Runner is situated in Low Friar Street in Newcastle just down from The Gate. There is a map here. Please don't forget to tell them that "Run Geordie Run" sent you.

Last year, I wrote a piece for NE Fitness Magazine about my experiences using Brooks shoes. The article can be read here.

The Brooks website can be viewed here.