Monday, 11 October 2010

Team Run Geordie Run's John Loughlin

The fourth member of Team Run Geordie Run to compete in the Great North Run was an old university mate of mine; John Loughlin.

John finished this year's run in 02:48:44 and raised £122 into the bargain. This is very much a work in progress for John as he has lost 4 stone in the last couple of years and hopes to continue to improve for next year's Great North Run.

This year's run, the 30th, was particularly memorable for John as it was his first since the run started way back in 1981.

If there's one thing John has yet to master it's running in the heat and he'd easily prefer running in the snow compared to an even slightly hot or humid day.

After 9 hot miles on this year's Great North Run John suffered some cramp due to the large amount of sweat he'd lost. He took the pace right off after that until he was able to muster a sprint finish over the final 100 metres or so.

Despite beating his previous time from 1981 he was quite disappointed with this year's time. I think if the Great North Run was held in a colder month such as December we'd see a different result entirely.

Being part of Team Run Geordie Run and raising a great amount for the 2 charities is nothing to be disappointed about, however. As John reflected "I'm really happy to have made a contribution. I've never done anything like this before, for a good cause, and it feels great.".

Thanks go to John's colleagues at Domnick Hunter Parker Hannifin in the Team Valley for their sponsorship of John.

I've got a feeling that we haven't see the last of John in the Great North Run. I've also got a feeling that he will attempt to face his running demons that are heat and humidity. If he overcomes them, then a PB will be on the cards for the Great North Run in 2011 for sure. Watch this space!

So that brings a close to this little series highlighting the members of Team Run Geordie Run who, on the 19th of September, ran the 13.1 mile Great North Run and raised over £1,600 for St Benedict's Hospice and The Children's Foundation. Thanks again to George Caulkin, Mick Butler, John Loughlin and me (!) for a successful Great North Run 2010. I hope to see them all again for next year's run. I'm sure all of us are capable of beating this year's times. I'll have no excuse having ran 3100 miles across the USA just 7 weeks earlier!

If you are lucky enough to get a number for next year's Great North Run, then why not consider running as part of Team Run Geordie Run, raising funds for the 2 charities. Interested? Please get in touch at