Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The first 12 days online!

You may have noticed a few maps appearing on recently. I will be adding more over the coming months and each one will provide details of my route all of the way across the USA.

I've recently started my 3rd attempt at planning the route across the USA and reconciling the mileage. It's a painstaking exercise but it will be well worth it when I get to the finish line in New York next year having run almost exactly the required number of miles.

I say "almost exactly" as this was the approach I took for planning my route from John O'Groats to Lands End. My original route was 868 miles and I eventually went on to run 874 miles. That wasn't too bad but for the run across the USA, I'll need a slightly greater degree of accuracy. 

Remember, it's 3100 miles and I've only got 100 days in which to do it. It would be a disaster if I got to day 99 with 50 miles still to do before the finish! So far, the 12 days that I've plotted equate to 384 miles. This is exactly the same total and position on the I-15 that I plotted during the previous 2 attempts at mileage reconciliation. So far, so good!

Unlike the previous 2 attempts, I'm now using Google Maps and the Street View feature. To be able to see an image of the surroundings at any point of the run is fascinating. I had a look at Kelbaker Road in the Mojave National Preserve tonight for instance. It looks hot and humid! 

I was also able to have a good look at the route through Las Vegas (pictured). I'm now thinking of having my 1st rest day there!

Please keep checking back for route updates. You can see all maps done so far by clicking here.